About Us.


To improve the mental, physical, and emotional health of individuals from marginalized communities through the use of yoga therapy and wellness education.


Upward Inertia is a verified 501c3 organization based in Boise, ID.


Upward Inertia, Incorporated will provide education in group and one on one settings to individuals from underserved populations. During the initial stages of this project, priority will be placed on serving:

  • Inmates in Idaho Correctional Facilities

  • Children in low income and at risk communities

  • Individuals on parole and/or in treatment for addiction

  • Individuals recovering from chronic injury and catastrophic injury

  • Preventative education for college aged individuals

Our Plan:

Within the next 3 years:

Upward Inertia will launch a teacher training, aimed to provide education to yoga teachers and healthcare professional . The training will include education on trauma informed principles, mental health conditions and care, mindfulness and pranayama techniques, motivational interviewing, and life coaching principles.

Upward Inertia, through graduates of the teacher training, will expand to services refugees, victims of domestic violence, the homeless, addiction recovery centers, and other underserved populations.

Upward Inertia will complete multiple research studies, examining the benefits of therapeutic yoga on mental and physical health in a variety of settings. Studies will be presented at local, national, and international conferences to improve awareness of best practices.