Therapeutic Yoga.

Therapeutic yoga is a holistic approach to mental and physical wellness. It can be provided in one on one, small group, or class settings. Therapeutic yoga education provides insight into the body’s workings, self-regulation, and wellness practices.


Upward Inertia is comprised of three branches:

+ Medical application

This is primarily one-on-one, or in small, diagnosis specific, groups. Though anyone is appropriate for therapeutic yoga services, UI specializes in neurological disorders, movement disorders, autism, and mental health conditions. Individuals of all ages are welcome.

Programming is individualized to meet each participant’s ability level and goals. A thorough assessment will be completed at the initial session, looking at current strengths and barriers, chronic and new conditions, and goals. An personal program will be designed to meet the determined goals.

All offerings will be adapted to meet the client’s needs in order to ensure safety and comfort. This may include completing poses in a seated or lying position, adding or reducing movement. Education of breathing and meditation techniques, basic ayurvedic practices and health coaching, mindfulness strategies, and home practices will be taught.

Cost: One on one sessions are provided on a sliding scale. The goal of UI is to make therapeutic yoga accessible to the masses. Please inquire about payment options or sponsorship.

+ outreach

A large component of Upward Inertia’s programming is community outreach. Through this branch, UI will bring therapeutic yoga to vulnerable populations. In the inaugural year, UI will be focusing on providing services at IDOC (Dept. of Corrections) facilities, youth in high crime areas, and recently released individuals and their families.

Goals of the intervention include:

  • Improved understanding of anger management, stress management, and emotional regulation strategies
  • Improved understanding of body systems and functions
  • Increased interoception
  • Improved understanding of effective preventative practices to benefit physical health
  • Increased awareness of emotional and mental health triggers
  • Improved awareness of health choices and practices related to food, exercise, relationships, etc.
  • Self-reported improvements in relationships and social interactions
  • Increased self-efficacy, effective goal setting, and prioritization

+ Acro Yoga

Kaelyn has a passion for helping others break their perceived limitations and reignite their sense of play through AcroYoga. Kaelyn is a certified Acro Revolution teacher and has completed the Bossy Flyer Teacher training, in addition to thousands of hours of training. She grew up as a competitive gymnast and coached gymnastics at various gymnastics training centers throughout her college career. Kaelyn has taught in more than 30 states and 10 countries (on 4 continents). Her teachings emphasize technique, communication, trust, and safety, and ensure that all participants will find an appropriate challenge, feel supported, and have fun. Her main focus in both her own practice and her teaching is on creative process, dance lifts, hand to hand, and pops.

Kaelyn is available to teach:

  • Workshops and Intensives
  • Private Lessons
  • Handstand workshops
  • Team building events
  • Empowerment Retreats
  • Birthday Parties

Classes and private sessions utilize:

    • Asana (movement)

    • Mindfulness practices

    • Breathwork

    • Meditation

    • Manual therapy (Thai massage, Tibetan Massage, Ayurvedic Massage, Reiki)

    • Ayurvedic health coaching

    • Yogic philosophy

      • Including: goal setting, perception, non-attachment, gratitude practices, etc.


What students say…

“This class has made me feel more at peace and more mindful to others. Yoga has dramatically affected my PTSD in ways that that I never thought possible. I sleep better and am able to call my kids without having any issues because of the combination of breathing techniques and other teachings that Kaelyn presents to us. I try to get all of my friends to go to this yoga class because it just makes you a better person. “

— M. Dauber, Inmate at ISCI

Contact us to inquire about how therapeutic yoga may be beneficial for you or your family member.


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